We have changed; for the better!

We are excited to announce that Tribe Platform has been rebranded to Bettermode.

Our commitment to helping businesses build successful customer communities and improve customer relationships has only grown stronger with this change.

As a customer, here are some key items for your consideration:

  • Everything will continue to work the same way in your community. Please note that there will be no impact on any customer community settings with this change.

  • For invoices, order forms, and credit card payments, Bettermode will now appear instead of Tribe.

  • The Campfire community (community.tribe.so) is now the Bettermode 1.0 Support Hub (v1-support.bettermode.com). Note: in order to access our Knowledge Base and Support content, you must create or log in to your member profile.

  • Our Developer Documentation has also been updated and can be accessed using the links given below with a global password:

  • If you have a community with a domain using Tribe.so, your community domain will be unchanged.

  • You can always get in touch with us by using the chat messenger in the bottom right of your community.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you as Bettermode.


Co-founder and CEO at Bettermode